Many organizations in the marketplace are looking to play a primary role with their clients when it comes to ACA Reporting, but are looking to partner on the back end to deliver a full service, excellent client experience. For these groups, we offer our Back Office Partnering solution which is designed to allow our team to essentially become your backroom to service your clients and allow you to offer a full service ACA reporting solution with all of the benefits we offer to our clients.

We are proud to partner with various different types of groups including to provide this customized solution, including:

  • Employee Benefit Brokers
  • Insurance Carrier & TPAs
  • Associations
  • CPA’s
  • Private Benefit Exchanges
  • Online Enrollment Solutions
  • Payroll Companies
  • E-Filing only ACA vendors

This service begins with the initial payment of $4,999 which includes full training of the point person on your staff, and access between this point person and our entire account management team (renewal fee is 50% of this amount annually).  You will then access our company on behalf of your clients and we will service you under our lowest ACA reporting package, with the addition that you will have full access to our account management team to assist.  You would then act on behalf of your client just as they would if working with us directly, completing and submitting all of the necessary information to accurately complete your ACA forms.

The additional cost billed is per EIN for which we complete the reporting and e-file to the IRS (based upon EIN size):

  • $200 each
  • $999 each
  • $1,500 each
  • $2,000 each
  • $2,500 each
  • $3,000 each
  • $3,500 each

Included Services & Payment Schedule:

  • Our back office support is total fully service to your organization.  This does not include service directly to your employer clients or for specific data manipulation of your clients data to get it into the necessary format to report.
    • Senior level account manager access at our firm
    • Creation of all 1094 & 1095 forms and assigning of codes
    • Personally reviewed forms to ensure quality and accuracy
    • (1) E-File  to the IRS  (Accepted or Accepted with Discrepancies).  Any rejected E-Filings will continue to be processed at no charge until they receive an ‘Accepted’ or ‘Accepted with Discrepancies’ status)
  • Payment for Services:
    • 25% of expected billing due September 1st
    • 25% of expected billing due November 1st
    • 25% of expected billing due January 1st
    • 25% of expected billing due March 1st
Additional Billable Services
  • Any subsequent E-Filings are billed at $100 per EIN.
  • Direct contact from our staff to your employer client via email or phone – $85 per hour
  • Manual data manipulation by our staff to your employer clients payroll or medical plan data – $85 per hour.