The feedback we regularly receive is that we have developed an incredibly simple employer experience.  Commonly we receive client feedback that it feels as if they are using turbo tax.

The ability to answer questions of employers regarding this reporting is turning out to be the most valuable commodity in the market.  Our staff has been trained since day 1 understanding this would be the case.  We knew that having the best staff would give us opportunities that others simply would never have.  We conduct mandatory full staff training 4 times per week.

On the whole, especially when considering the services and full scope of our client offering, we charge significantly less than our competitors.

One size doesn’t fit all.  To that end, we offer 3 different ACA reporting packages with various options to suit different customer needs.  If you are an employer looking to do some of the heavy lifting, then we have a solution for you where you can access our technology and service team to complete your requirements.  If you would prefer to have a dedicated account manager to does most of the work on your behalf, that is an option as well.

Our solution has the added benefit of being able to be used regardless of which type of benefits technology solution, medical carrier or payroll provider is used by an employer.  We essentially are an ‘App’ for ACA reporting that can plug into any situation.

Advisors are now facing a steep learning and resource curve to meet the needs of their clients.  Our company exists to help such advisors to do a great job for their clients, deliver the industry’s best ACA reporting experience, and support you the entire way.  We are proud to support thousands of advisors across the country in meeting the needs of their employer clients.

Although it might sound like the year 2002, we have found it very helpful to have one of our senior account managers to personally stop check, test and review each set of forms and codes prior to their release to the client.  For the 2015 reporting year, this likely is one of top 3 most powerful decisions we made as a company.

This manual review process allows us to catch the 15% of errors in which the employer client listed wrong information (such as not having offered coverage to dependents).  Instead of simply printing and filing these forms, this manual review process allows us to identify and correct these errors.  Our philosophy is that it is much more intelligent to correct an error on the front end rather than to file forms and deal with the repercussions at a later date.

The best indication of our having staffed appropriately in 2015 is not only our client satisfaction rate, but also the fact that we never stopped taking new clients for reporting (and continue to create 2015 forms for new clients even today).  This was possible because we maintained discipline in our philosophy to over staff in order to properly service our clients.